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#coogeechicksthatlift small group training sessions are all you need to move better, feel awesome and look fantastic. Just ask our deadlifting grandmas!

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Who are we?

We are a community of unique women of different ages, shapes, fitness and sizes. We train together weekly, indoors and outdoors, in a small group setting. We motivate, inspire and empower each other to create long-lasting change in our health, lives and bodies. Our passionate trainers really know their stuff and care about helping us to get rocking results. #coogeechicksthatlift is kick-ass training at an affordable weekly price, with no lock-in contracts.





Metabolic Conditioning & Intervals






Why strength training and intervals?

This mix of training is hands down THE best and most efficient way to lose body fat, change body composition, increase lean muscle mass (i.e. get toned) and burn calories while you’re resting (yes, WHILE YOU ARE RESTING!). We do this by stimulating something really cool called the metabolic afterburn. In addition, other side effects include: increased strength, stamina, energy and bone density; improved sleep, posture, confidence and assertiveness; better ability to manage stress and handle whatever life throws at you, and best of all – feeling empowered and good about your body.

Will I get bulky?

Bulky? No. Kick ass? Yes. Our style of training raises calorie burning and encourages the loss of body fat, while at the same time building lean muscle mass – resulting in a leaner, firmer and smaller body.

Can I join if I have an injury, can’t run or can’t do impact training?

Yes, absolutely. Our trainers Lisa and Nina want to help you and can still work with you in the group setting by moderating exercises so that they are safe and complementary to your healing. Some of the women that train with us have injuries or health issues which mean they can’t participate in running or high-impact movements such as jumping. But the great news is that you don’t need to be able to run or jump to get awesome results with #coogeechicksthatlift and you can be assured that you will never get left behind.

I feel really unfit and intimidated by personal trainers and group training…

The women who train with #coogeechicksthatlift are friendly, supportive and inspiring and Lisa and Nina (our trainers) are caring, empathetic and genuinely committed to helping women (regardless of fitness level or experience) to get active and achieve amazing things. We promise that you will be welcomed by friendly faces and will see and feel the benefits in no time. Please trust us on this. Go on, pick up the phone or send a message.

What if I don’t feel ready for group training?

No problem, our trainers have got your back. One-on-one and buddy training sessions are also available, just holler for a chat.

Why do new peeps join #coogeechicksthatlift?

There are so many unique reasons but we see common themes. They want ‘me’ time; they want to feel good about the way they look; they want to improve their energy levels and sleep; reduce stress; see real results and changes in their body shape. Or maybe they are ready to start their fitness journey (or get back into it); heal an injury/illness, or prepare for pre and post pregnancy. Whatever their reason, the ultimate goal is to set themselves up for a healthy kick-ass life.

Want more info? We would love to have a no obligation phone chat with you. Call Lisa on 0410 264 306

Lisa Brown

About: Founder of #coogeechicksthatlift. Director of Innervate Health & Fitness. Elite personal trainer.

Loves: A good chin wag, bestie Leroy Brown the Black Lab and her hood Coogee Beach.

Features: Strong on the outside, soft on the inside.

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